Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why so 'Grimm'?

With three weeks of waiting for a new 'Once Upon a Time' episode, I decided to check out a different interpretation of the beloved fairytale characters: Grimm.

The series is interesting, though I guess I have been remiss with actually reading the original Grimm stories to know how much of what is shown is true, and how much isn't. The monsters are creepy, so at first they scared me - since I am not so fond of thrillers and absolutely hate scary movies - but in time I got used to them, they aren't that bad. Just like when I started watching Dr. Who, some of the monsters were awful, but after some time you get the hang of it; now the only monsters that scare me in Dr. Who are the 'weeping angels'! Can you imagine not being able to look away or even blink? I think they almost gave me nightmares. Not to mention the only way to kill them is to let them look at one another in the eye, that and I guess fall into an empty vortex.They're very cunning and scary creatures.

Anyhow, I'm not here to discuss Dr.Who - although I really miss it. Sadly, I am one of those people who are very easily influenced with most things. So how did 'Grimm' influence me? Well, now I really have to read the book & I want to learn German. I am not sure if I mentioned it before, and even if I did, it bears repeating: I love languages. All I need usually is a good reason to embark on them, and now, Grimm gave me a reason to learn German!

The most thing I love about Grimm is the Nick and Monroe scenes. How awkward Monroe is with Nick, and how much he really didn't want his peaceful life to be disturbed by Nick's constant questions always intrigued me. I am an awkward person myself with people, so seeing someone more awkward than I adapt and act normal always gives me hope! I think the awkwardness factor is the only reason I watched Dexter for so long. I hated the idea, and the series. But the way a psychopath like Dexter dealt with his step-children and later on with his kid is what made me continue watching it. I guess I am sort of weird for doing so, but come on, he just savagely killed someone, cut their body into neat pieces, was calm, careful and detailed, in fact he enjoyed every minute of it - no matter how much they deserved to die, the way Dexter did it showed he seriously loved mutilating bodies - then went home to hang out with the kids! You really want to convince me this isn't interesting?

Unfortunately I am now up to date with my Grimm episodes and have to wait every week for an episode like with the rest of the other series I follow. Although, on the bright side, today is Sunday, which means a new episode of 'Once Upon a Time'!

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