Thursday, May 24, 2012

From the Review Pile # 2

From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday.
The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review (or any book that you own and really want to read/review) but haven't yet got around to reading, in order to give the book some extra publicity
Woohoo! Second entry of 'from the review pile'. Alright, so this week's choice is not in English. But still a book that I have been dying to read yet never got the chance to, that and I am not fluent in Italian.

It's TVUKDB (Ti Voglio Un Kasino Di Bene) by Valentina F.
Since Stephanie had enjoyed my 'Why do I own Said book' part, I thought I might as well do it with all my FTRP entries.

TVUKDB. Ti Voglio un Kasino di BeneSo, why do I own it?
I was in Italy two years ago, not for anything glamorous sadly, when I realized they must have a hell of a lot of Italian books here. It had been very hard trying to find anything in Italian back in Egypt, heck even in Kuwait, and I am a strong believer in reading helping you with a language you're learning - it had done wonders for my English.One day my Italian friend took me touring around Florence and showed me a lot of stationary with TVUKDB on it and asked me if I knew what it meant. I didn't. So she explained that Ti voglio bene in general is another way of saying I love you or I wish you well. Kasino means a lot - but it's slang not an existing Italian word, since the Italian language doesn't have the letter K... or X or J  or W either. Anyhow, I had already spent most of my money buying books from the bookstore and my parents weren't going to allow me to buy anymore when I walked by this stand selling used books and voilà I found this book! It was being sold for like 1 euro! So yeah, I bought a bunch of other books too, but I like this book and want to read it.


  1. I love the story behind this! I should ask myself the same question! I hope you enjoy it when you do get a chance to read it!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to read it. It sounds like a fun read! :)

  2. Hey, Aliaa :)
    Just found your lovely blog through BSN :)
    This post reminds to read some great book asap
    Gladly followed you ^^
    have a great day!

    1. Oh, thank you so much!
      I really love your photographs, I am now following you too ^^

  3. I bought a bunch of books when I was in Europe the last time too and still have a bunch I haven't read :) I love the story behind the book! New follower from blogaholic, I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Ah thank you!
      I am now following your blog as well :)
      Also, I am usually not allowed into bookstores when my family is around because I end up buying A LOT and never wanting to get out