Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Spy A Protagonist #1

I had a sort of meme ongoing on my Tumblr blog, where I basically choose my favourite celebrity that week and highlight them and why I chose them. So I thought to do it sort of here. Basically my favourite character from a book I recently read or something. It can be the main hero or heroine or even the bad guy or just a secondary character I enjoyed reading about.

So, this week's protagonist would have to be: Penelope Featherington from Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn.
As I've surely mentioned before - and never neglect to mention- I love Julia Quinn's work. So, when I was asked somewhere this week who I thought myself like from the books I've read my head went straight to JQ's novels, and from there on to which heroine. Penelope has appeared in many other works by JQ, and many of them in the Bridgerton series I guess.

I think she's perfectly me, in the perfect era. We have a lot in common actually. I love to write, and I used to do it secretly too. It started off with diary entries until a friend read something I wrote and liked it. I have 2 sisters and in gatherings I am usually over-shadowed by them both, I also prefer to sit in a corner and read or observe people rather than be a part of the hoopla. She's an ugly duckling who grew up to be such an amazing swan, I love the way she dealt with things, her relationship with her friends, her sarcasm, snide remarks and just her plain self. I am also currently waiting for my Prince Charming to have enough from whatever it is he's been procrastinating whilst doing and find me!

If you think it's interesting, you could try it out and send me a link? I'd like to see it ^^


  1. Hi, Aliaa. Just stopping by on a blog hop. I, too, am one of three sisters, often over shadowed, and love to write. I'll have to check out the Quinn novels. Thanks for writing!

    1. Thanks for dropping by ^^
      You have an interesting blog, I am now following you ^^

  2. Hey, i'm new to blogging and I was just wondering if you would follow me or give me some advice on how to get followers.
    Thank you :)

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  4. Hi! :)
    I really love your blog:) It's so cute!
    I was wondering if you still did this meme? It sounds like a lot of fun!
    I was scrolling through some of your posts, but I couldn't find another one.
    If you are, do you have a specific day you do this meme?

    1. Oh thanks! I'm actually not sure, I may start it up again in January, will let you know beforehand. It would probably be either on Saturday or Monday.