Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Spy A Protagonist # 2

 Hello! As I started last week, I will be following through with my new (sort of meme) inspired by my 'I spy a celebrity' on my Tumblr blog where every week I point out my equivalent MVP character from one of the books I've recently read or just remembered and point out why I chose them. It can be the main hero or heroine or even the bad guy or just a secondary character I enjoyed reading about.
I had gone overboard insane by joining book tours to review three amazing books by the end of May. Why insane? Well I was in between exams, I should've be studying instead of finding any excuse to read, but I really couldn't help it, books are very seductive.
This week's 'Protagonist' is 'Lilith Straight' from (Straight to Hell & Straight to Heaven) books.
You have got to read my reviews to understand why, or well to read the books.
But I just want to leave you with this:
Lilith Straight is Awesome!

For more on the book tour... well it's all over my blog, just click on one of the links.
If you'd like to share your protagonist of the week in a comment, don't hesitate to do so ^^

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