Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've been remiss!

I've decided I should start reviewing books, mainly as an attempt to actually read most of the books I own. It only just hit me the amount of books I have that I never read - it goes back for years too since I found 2 Goosebumps in their midst! I was so into classics back then, so most of my list is of classic books, but I never got around to them because I always found new books and genres to read. I also started ignoring the books I own to read the books I borrowed first, and who knew I had so many friends with so many books?

At first, I sat down and started to think of the amount of books I own that I should read, and thought around 20? So I went outside to the living room - the book shelf in my room doesn't have enough space for all my books - and started counting. I reached up to 40! I own forty books I've never read! Though, to be honest 4 of them I did read most of, just never finished. The books are in 4 different languages (Arabic- English - French - Italian) and in a diversity of different genres.

So, that should occupy me most of the summer. I might even analyze some of my stories for 'i testi moderni' class at university,since they claim that if you make classes fun you can like them. I am hoping this is true.

Tulle Little, Tulle LateI do think the first book I'll be reading will be 'Tulle Little, Tulle Late' for Kimberly Llewellyn. I read like 20 pages, and recently so I might as well continue it before starting on something new!

Have a lovely day!


  1. The languages you read are diversifying : ).. so me concerning the unread books ! :/

  2. The French ones I actually sneaked out of my dad's collection (except one that is actually mine), the rest I bought :D

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  4. Thanks so much!
    I am now following you as well ^^

  5. Sounds like a day i my life!)