Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Spy A Protagonist # 4

Hello there to this week's 'I Spy A Protagonist'!
I will be following through with my new (sort of meme) inspired by my 'I spy a celebrity' on my Tumblr blog where every week I point out my equivalent MVP character from one of the books I've recently read or just remembered and point out why I chose them. It can be the main hero or heroine or even the bad guy or just a secondary character I enjoyed reading about.

This week's Protagonist is: Olivia Bevelstoke from Julia Quinn's 'What Happens in London'. 
Olivia is by far my favorite 'Bevelstoke'. Her relationship with her best friend Miranda in 'The Secret diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever' was amazing, but nothing in comparison to her relationship with her twin brother in this book, it's hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at their sibling antics. Even her relationship with her love, Harry Valentine, was hilarious. Both in this book and the tiny appearance they both made in 'Ten things I love about you'. All in all, I love her and hope that JQ would write a book for her twin brother Winston and then I'd get to see more of the siblings' interaction! Maybe even her as a mother, that would be epic.

Care to share your protagonist of the week? :)

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