Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: The Last Good Man

The Last Good ManTitle: The Last Good Man
ISBN: 1611940923

Goodreads Synopsis:

 Gorgeous, famous Savannah Stephens is back, and no one in her hometown, Sunbonnet, Wyoming, really knows why. Especially not Clay Keogh, the good-hearted rancher who has loved her from afar since they were kids. Savannah's young daughter looks just like Savannah's first love: local bad boy Kole Kills Crow, Clay's half-brother. Has Savannah come home to start a new relationship with Kole?

Whatever her secrets, it's clear that she's deeply troubled and needs a shoulder to lean on. Clay is there for her, and she soon realizes that he's a very special man. But until she can bring herself to share the painful truth about her fall from stardom, the emotional distance between her and Clay may separate them forever.


First off, this book is one of the rare books I've read recently that I have absolutely no reservations on whatsoever. It's very weird actually, I went on reading and nothing, it just kept getting good and so I just enjoyed the ride. Though I guess, the one thing wrong with it - and technically it's not in the book itself - is the synopsis. It gave the impression that this is what the book is about, when in reality the synopsis explains just the first 4-5 chapters if that. The story continues from there, it's more of a survival book than what the synopsis implies.

I am aware that the book has two covers, but I definitely prefer this one, it's very eye-catching. Here I go again with my cover addiction. But how can I help it? It's the first thing that you see when you look at the book and I'd rather have it be something I would enjoy.

This book had a lot of components I absolutely love, which made it all the more worth the while. It was in Wyoming, a place Linda Howard's MacKenzie's made me fall in love with. On a ranch, which the Coulters from Catherine Anderson's books had got me hooked on, sexy cowboys and country life. Not to mention Horses, lots and lots of horses. How on earth was I supposed to resist? As well as, the whole fall from fame thing with Savannah, it had me intrigued on how she'd deal with the small city life like Susan Elizabeth Phillips' character in Call me Irresistible.

The characters were all very plausible, I can imagine each and every one of them, they all had their unique attributes that made them special and I enjoyed reading what each one had to say. There was a bunch of back and forth change in the point of views sometimes it's Clay's sometimes it's Savannah, which was great, because I enjoy seeing this from both sides, though I guess it would be frustrating when you see both sides but the characters don't.

Clay was amazing, I loved him, loved how he cared for horses, and his male pride but apparently amazing voice  and great body to add to the mix, how on earth had Savannah fallen in love with Kole and not him as a kid is beyond me. He's dependable, a rock when you need him and very loving to both people and animals. He's really great with children too, which is always important in my book.

But I also thoroughly enjoyed Savannah's side of things, how the author had portrayed her. I can't imagine having to suffer the way she did and deal with it. The whole part where she thinks she's ugly and hates herself, how people around her deal with it and how hard it was to open up about it, like she's ashamed of something she had no hand in. I loved the transformation from being terrified of being under the microscope to wanting to create a life with Clay, and frankly admired her.

This is one of those human interest stories I wish to read more of, the ones that are so inspirational, where someone battles with a disease or a trauma, and has to face it, not let it get them and deal with life knowing there are many people out there like you, and a lot of people who love you and want to help you with it. I cried, and laughed and got angry and loved every moment of it. Definitely would recommend it as a great read!

Rating: 5/5


  1. Love your blog!!!!!!!!! I'm arab too! From Palestine!

    1. Thank you! I am really flattered and I personally get equally as excited when I find arabs with blogs too :)

  2. Hello, Aliaa,
    My editor sent me the link to your blog, which came to her through NetGalley. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my book this much. I love your drawings, and I wish you well with your book. What a joy this network is, allowing so much to be shared, person to person and woman to woman across the miles.

    I love the pledge to read the printed word icon. I wonder if I can get my granddaughters to put it on their Facebook pages.

    Thank you again for your kind words.

    ~Kathleen Eagle