Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog tour, Review & Giveaway: Shadowland

Hey guys! I am starting up this month with yet another blog tour! Sadly, I signed up for it almost two months in advance and completely forgot I was supposed to provide a guest post as well, so it's only a review and giveaway sadly.

Anyhow, now with the tour stop:

Title: Shadowland

Goodreads Synopsis:

‘I have lived more years than I can remember, probably more than the sum of all your years combined. Kings have called me friend and brigands have sworn to burn the flesh from my bones even if they have to search all seven halls of the shadowland to find me.’

On the night of midwinter’s eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark ages and a tale from his youth.

Deserted by its Roman masters, Britain has been invaded by the Saxons at the invitation of Vortigern, traitorous leader of the Britons. Now, as the tribes unite to reclaim their land, one man must rise to lead them and become their true and only king.


This book was actually an interesting read for me to be honest. The writing, the names, the style, they were all very gripping - I am honestly upset the cover didn't show some of the greatness in the book, so it didn't appeal to my cover-lust side. I should mention I am a huge fan of British spellings and more often than not prefer them to American ones, si

Though I am usually into historical books, I am more into England in the 1800's not Arthurian times so the book wasn't in a genre I am fond of. I do love legends though in general, I sometimes read them but in this case it wasn't an easy read and I had to concentrate a lot before managing to complete it.

I really loved the names and the description. I enjoyed the beginning of the story and how it starts with a retelling of a story about two boys, very close friends. When their families are attacked they seek revenge and not to just escape. Calvador's sister was held captive, so the books attempt her rescue, embarking on a grand adventure they hadn't ever thought of.

The creativity in this book and the way the author captured the old times was amazing. I enjoyed reading this story and knowing more about Arthurian times, how the author focused on making it sound authentic. I also like the collaboration of the historical facts into his story. I would surely recommend this book if you're into historian novels!

Rating: 4/5

Now, onto the Giveaway! Here's a chance to win a copy of the book yourselves:

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