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Book Tour & Giveaway, Review: Dreaming Montana

Today's stop woot! Dreaming Montana!

Title: Dreaming Montana
ASIN: B0086W18EQ

Goodreads Synopsis:

In a single day, Cara Gallagher experiences an erotic dream about a man she doesn’t know and has a premonition of her identical twin—at the exact moment her sister dies in a car accident. To escape her grief and a loveless marriage, Cara accepts a temporary job reassignment in Seattle, where she continues to have sensuous dreams of the unknown man. There she encounters an angel who claims to be sent by her dead sister to help her find the man in her dreams. Meanwhile, photographer Jay Amiens sees angel wings on his film and has recurring intimate dreams about a woman he doesn’t know—but would love to meet in person. Set in 1993, Dreaming Montana invokes the spirit of Seattle at the height of the grunge era, with the city as the backdrop for Cara and Jay to potentially cross paths.

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This story was a very interesting read for me. The first chapter wasn't easy to read, it got confusing and I am not sure why, maybe because I was reading it on the bus? Anyhow, I started rereading it when I got back home and it had turned better.

The book is about a man and a woman who lose someone important in their lives and how this sense of loss gets them together somehow. The man, Jay, starts seeing angels wherever he goes and considers them as a sign. To what? He has no clue and thinks he's turning mad. Cara starts seeing notes on the wall which she assumes are directed at her. They start to dream of one another, realizing they are both not satisfied with the lives they lead and that they wish they understood who the other person is.

This story was  a bit strange, something like 500 days of Summer. I am not sure I really liked that movie but the book's stages weren't bad. It shows you the progress both make throughout the months and seasons, and how the events of their lives and choices they made led them to their encounter. Frankly, I think it was more summarized than anything, I'd have really liked more details on the emotions and the struggles they'd faced with their losses. Details on how their lives were and what they got into, and how they dealt with it and chose one another. All in all it was shorter than I'd have liked, I'd wanted to read more of it. But it doesn't necessarily mean it was bad, just very summarized .

Rating 3/5

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