Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Tour, Review: Saving Mary

Title: Saving Mary

Goodreads Synopsis:

Deidre Daily is drawn to anything seemingly spiritual, desperately seeking a spiritual existence. But inside this vibrant girl hides a terrified child who sincerely believes she has married the devil. Through a series of spiritual encounters her fear turns into reality, and she ends up possessed.

Deidre’s fascinating memoir relays her story from childhood to adolescence: invisible eyes leering at her from the corner of her bedroom, horrible nightmares tormenting her, and her desperate attempt to find God—only to end up possessed. It is a candid account of possession from a first-person perspective. This dark memoir brings to light an intricate world of deceitful spirits hell-bent on manipulating and damaging an innocent girl’s life, not only through her dreams, but also through seemingly every-day encounters.

Travel with Deidre into the mysterious world of spirits, ghosts and demons. Awaken yourself to a world that isn’t supposed to exist; a world that’s as intriguing as it is sinister. And then emerge as a new person—invigorated, aware and intent on living in the light. Saving Mary; Not just another story about a girl and her exorcist.


The cover is really eye-catching. I loved the colors. I really did.
Why did I choose this book to read? To be honest I don't have a good answer for this. I was attracted by the cover I guess, and thought to check it out anyway. But I have never really been fond of paranormal books, or anything paranormal. I mean, I thought it was Christian fiction  at first, and my first Christian fiction hadn't been so bad, so I thought to give this a try. I honestly wish I hadn't.

If Paranormal activity is your cup of tea, or you enjoyed watching The Exorcist or anything with exorcism, then you'd enjoy this book immensely. I on the other hand am not the least bit fond of such movies. Or activity. I mean, I don't not believe in what had happened tot he author - Diedre - but I'd rather not contemplate it happening, since as Muslims we do believe in being possessed and demons.

This book is sort of auto-biographical, a story how the author remembers it, or I guess as close to what she remembers. As a child, she had a very tough time, with family, and had requested God's aid endlessly in vain. She had issues in school, with her drunk father, hated by her teacher and being harassed by an uncle. She's an awkward little child and was terrified of being followed by devil eyes everywhere. At some point she believes she's married the devil, and wants to know how to get out of that.

This book is very eery, and creepy, I honestly wish I had not attempted to read it, since I am rather flighty and fear ghosts and demons. I don't like horror and can barely tolerate thrillers so this book disturbed me for a while.

I did enjoy the way the author wrote, getting you into the mind of the child, though it got confusing at times. But the style of wording things was fit and easy to get you into the mood of the child going through so much at such a young age.

If you're into the paranormal, then you should attempt to read this book, I on the other hand would like to forget the experience, and guess I won't be reading the sequel.

Rating: 2/5

About The Author:

Deidre Havrelock:

Deidre D Havrelock grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she eventually met her husband to be, DJ. It was DJ who initially noticed Deidre’s dark state and worked to seek out someone willing to perform her exorcism. Eventually, the newlyweds found their way to the southern hot spot of Brooks, AB where Deidre began writing. From there the family trekked across eastern Canada to Moncton, NB where they learned to love French fries with cheese curds and gravy. Currently nestled in the hills of Kennewick, Washington, Deidre has two horses, one dog, three cats and too many rabbits…and let’s not forget her wonderful husband and three energetic daughters. Her memoir, Saving Mary: The Possession chronicles her dark childhood and the path that led to her demonic possession. She is currently working to finish book two of her spiritual memoir, Saving Mary: The Deliverance. You can find her at -

Genre: Spiritual Memoir
Publisher:  Etcetera Press
Release Date: April 1, 2012
Format: kindle
Average Rating: 4.4 of 5
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  1. I am guessing Aliaa that you are not interested in the overcoming of the demons, that happens in the second part. It is too bad, for you may learn how to overcome that fear that you have. It is true, these things exist in our realms, and in all religions. However, you must learn to overcome your fears, for the demons themselves, feed off of them.


    1. it's not an exact fear of it, more of a huge discomfort hearing about it, I just don't watch horror movies because I start dreaming about the ghosts and demons, which has nothing to do with logic, so reading a book on how she overcomes it wouldn't help. Not to mention everyone has his theory and method of ridding themselves of possession so I am sticking with my religion's one. Plus I don't believe in the OUIJA crap so it's just messing with someone's head and I don't like it.