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Blog Tour, Review & Excerpt: The Bachelorette Project

Alright I know I am so late with this, but hey it's still the same day right? Anyhow, I always seem to do it wrong when I schedule and decided I might as well  read it in advance and have it ready to post the day of, for some reason I got so busy with my 9 hour shifts at work and only just remembered today was the 22nd, so the first thing I did when I got home was post this!

Title: The Bachelorette Project

Goodreads Synopsis:

When an unfortunate twist of fate leaves 28 year-old socialite Leslee Robinson broken-hearted and unemployed, she embarks on a journey to discover what boggles every twenty-something single woman’s mind: What do men REALLY want and how do you find the perfect mate? With the help of her two best friends; Annie, a self-conscious, sarcastic single mother; and Karen, the neurotic, perfectionist ‘bridezilla,’ Leslee creates The BACHELORETTE Project, a ‘scientific’ dating experiment designed to uncover the enigma of the male species. 

After multiple dates gone awry and unanticipated encounters of the extreme, Leslee decides to confide in the last person that she’d ever consider asking dating advice from: Eric, her handsome, womanizing college friend with a well-known ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ reputation. Aside from Eric’s infamous bachelor tactics, Leslee can’t help but to be oddly attracted to him, but will pursuing the charming, ‘bad boy’ philanderer that Eric is even be worth the risk?

With unbelievable twists and a contemporary, comedic Chick-Lit feel, The BACHELORETTE Project is the chronicle of a single woman’s journey to finding true friendship, discovering herself, and learning the enigma of love down to a science.


This book started off like something from Sex and The City and ended up like Sweet Home Alabama with a bit of Confessions of a Shopaholic in the mix. Leslee is awful with men. She thinks it's because she doesn't understand them or know anything about them. Hell, she didn't even know her fiancé - with whom she'd been living with for two years- that he dumped her for such ridiculous reasons. She has an awful day where she gets fired and goes home to find her fiancé throwing all her stuff out the window - yes even her gorgeous clothes - and dumping her on the spot. Her life is a mess and she's forced to go back home to Philadelphia where she decides to pick up from scratch as well as figure out what the hell men want. There she decides to follow through with 'The Bachelorette Project'. Her life is turned more than she anticipates and ends up in a completely unexpected place.

I seriously enjoyed reading this book. The last time I read a fun light read was 'Tulle Little Tulle Late' months back. It was a funny chick flick with modern girl problem. It was a quick read too, I read half of it on my way to and from work, then finished the whole thing the second I went home. The events of her 'experiments' were really funny, and I do enjoy her relationship with her friend Karen more than the ones from the city!

I wasn't so fond of the reasons why Victor broke up with her, or her reaction to their spoilt date, but otherwise I loved it! I was also seriously fond of Eric and his character - not sure why. But yes, definitely would recommend it!

Rating: 4.5/5


“Why am I always getting dumped by men?” I ask Karen. “It’s because I know nothing about them.”

“OK …” Karen replies, unsure to where I’m going with all of this.

“So, my visit to the hospital really got me thinking,” I say, “and then I remember you using the word ‘experiment’ so then I thought … ‘EXPERIMENT!’” I exclaim. “It’s a genius idea! I can conduct this experiment on what men really want out of women and how I, the quintessential single woman, could give it to them and possibly find my true love!” I clutch my chest, smile, and spin around. “Isn’t that the most perfect idea that you ever heard? I would be like a scientist, a scientist of love.”

Karen rolls her eyes at my idea. “And how, O Great One, will you conduct this experiment?”

“I got it all planned out.” I pull my completed poster board from underneath my bed and I hold it up for 
Karen to see. She, once again, looks confused.

“What the hell is that?” she asks, sighing.

“It’s my experiment,” I say excitedly. “I’m going scientific on their asses. It’s called ‘The BACHELORETTE Project.’ How I will conduct the experiment is shown here.” I point to the different sections of the board. “I will go on a series of dates using different tactics in different environments to find out what works for women and what doesn’t.”

“I’m listening,” Karen says as she leans forward.

“In the process, I will study the men that I date, categorize them and see what their likes and dislikes are thereby unlocking the many secrets of the male species.”

“Oh, I can tell you the secrets of men,” Karen says, smirking. “It’s sex, food, video games, and sports. If a man has those four things, then he’s a happy man.” I guess that makes sense. You know, the ‘four things philosophy,’ but I’m just certain that there has to be more. It can’t be that easy or I wouldn’t be single … right?

“Well, I’m still conducting my experiment,” I say confidently. “Maybe there are more than just four secrets. Maybe there are seven secrets.” As I nod my head, I convince myself that there has to be more. Not everything is just sex, food, video games, and sports.

”All right,” Karen starts, “so when does your little experiment start?”

“As soon as possible,” I tell her. “Now all I need is a trusty assistant …”

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