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Blog Tour, Review, Giveaway & Excerpt: One Major Mistake

Hello there! I know I've been on the down-low for over a week now, hell I haven't even done my Showcase Sunday yesterday, but I've honestly had a lot on my plate - still do. Work's been hectic and family-wise there's been a lot going on. I still don't have things settled, but I have 4 amazing books coming up for tours from today to the 10th of August so don't worry I'm still alive and posting. I'm hoping by sometime next week - or the end of Ramadan - I'd have settled a more comfortable routine and have all the memes I've joined updated as well, plus I have a huge TBR pile. I know I'd promised people I'd be done with them in July and hate that I haven't so sorry people!

Now, let's start!

Title: One Major Mistake
ISBN: 9781478204

Goodreads Synopsis:

Despite having brought down two major crime families, Pavel’s life is still filled with problems. The two bright things in his world: Teresa Mancini, his fiancĂ©e, who, on a good day, has the ability to bring him to his knees and his daughter Rita Grace, a result of a whirlwind affair before he fell in love with Teresa. 

Once again, murder is the prime evil propelling Pavel into his latest case. After the murder of his partner and friend Nick Haxton’s ex-wife Brenda, Pavel leads a team to dethrone Guillermo Diaz, the leader of a drug gang believed to be responsible for Brenda’s death. Agent Danni Stone joins the local agency. Stone knows Diaz on the most intimate of levels, and Pavel views this as suspicious. 

As if Pavel can take anymore, Teresa receives a substantially large check from an anonymous benefactor, and insists that Pavel deal with it while she decides how to spend it. But not before she uses her iron-willed determination to find out who the benefactor is even if it means breaking into her attorney’s office looking for answers. Being thrown in jail would stop any ordinary woman, but apparently not Teresa. 

Join Pavel as he wades through harrowing situations, suspects aplenty and suspense in this third thrilling installment of the Ivanovich Series


I should mention it's been a while since I last read a good crime book. Or a crime book in general. Almost a year? Or more? I am not honestly sure. Last time I read one that had me so enthralled was Julie Garwood's Heartbreaker, but that book was amazing for more than one reason. Anyhow, I love crime books, I just haven't had the chance to read much of them lately, though, does watching a LOT of "Castle" compensate that? I am hoping so.

Now, back to the book in question, I am going to be honest by saying I didn't like the cover. I honestly only joined the tour because I haven't read a crime book in a while and thought this would be interesting. Though you know how they say don't judge a book by its cover? Well, this book definitely applies! Even the Synopsis didn't sound that appealing - wow it's a wonder I even joined - but trust me, it's a matter of hiding something really good from the public eye. Like when Ted (from How I Met Your Mother) claims you shouldn't tell someone how awesome a movie really is and just let them be mindblown by that fact after watching it? Yeah, it's like that with this book.

This is the third book in the series - I never realized this beforehand, but how else would it be me if I didn't start reading a series from the middle? - so there's a few points the author mentioned I didn't get, but I am so going to read the first two now. It starts off where I assume it was left off from books one and two with Pavel and his girlfriend Teresa trying to make their living arrangement work - what with his constant and dangerous line of work and her superficial nature. And to make matters more complicated, Pavel's partner's ex is dead, yet they're not allowed to investigate it. Only when they get a case of their own and realize that both intersect do they allow themselves to avenge her by finding out who the killer is. Pavel's life is in upheaval in trying to balance his work and home life, not to mention be on the lookout for anything harmful coming Teresa's way or any rash decisions she decides to embark on. There's also the matter of smoothing things between her and his daughter which is hard because he's never at home. And at work things aren't any easier because  he now doesn't only have one person too close to the case, but two, adding to that there's a leak in the department and he has no idea who it is which ends up getting an undercover cop badly hurt. Something is wrong and he needs to figure out what it is, and how to sort out the mess of a life he seems to be leading.

That's it, I am going to stop at that as to not give stuff away.
One thing I hated about this book was Teresa. Seriously. Maybe book one and two shed any good light on her, but I couldn't stand her in this book, or even contemplate how anyone could fall in love with her. She was ridiculous, selfish and just like a little child. I don't know how Pavel would insist she's smart when the only impression I got was that she was an idiot. I mean, most of the crap she came up with, what the hell? And it wasn't even something funny or entertaining to the reader, I honestly just wanted to shoot her myself. I mean, I have read about high maintenance and spoilt brats in books before, in fact, in To Die For by Linda Howard, Blair was like that, only I enjoyed reading more about her, and laughed so hard most of the time. Blair was an entertaining, funny, and smart character. Teresa is not.

Nonetheless, I really loved the style, and writing and the mystery of it all. I mean it's different than the usual mystery and crime books I've been reading, but still as good. I hate that it was left on a cliffhanger but I'm dying to know what happened next!

Rating: 3.5/5


Shouting in the outer room cut him off. Pavel flung the door open and saw agents ducking beneath their desks, guns drawn. Everyone was yelling.

“Put your weapon down!”

“Let him go!”

It was total pandemonium.

“Shit,” Pavel said quietly. “Guys,” he nodded toward the outer room. “This doesn’t look good.”

Pavel immediately grabbed his weapon, squatted down and slowly made his way into the room toward the nearest desk. He peered over it and saw Lazlo standing in the middle of the room, a man with his arm around his throat, gun aimed at his head. The man was yelling for everyone to throw their weapons down.

“I’ll kill him!”

The man backed toward the door, dragging Lazlo with him. Forensco dashed toward the main room and ducked down behind his desk. The man began shooting wildly. Bullets whistled over the desk in the back where Pavel was crouching.

“Put the weapon down and let’s discuss this,” Pavel yelled to the man.

“Throw your guns down or he dies!”

“I won’t let them hurt you,” Lazlo tried to reassure the man.

“Shut up!” he smacked Lazlo on the side of the head with the butt of the gun.

Pavel noticed that Nick made his way to the edge of the room and the rest of the team dispersed themselves within the room, taking cover behind file cabinets, counters and desks. Pavel looked at Nick and moved his head in the direction of where the man was holding Lazlo. Nick understood his meaning.

“Okay,” Pavel yelled, his heart thundering in his chest. “Everyone do as he says. Slide your weapons to the center of the room.”

He could hear metal clanging against the floor. He glided his gun across the floor with the others and stood up, hands raised, knowing that if it came to that, he still had his backup strapped to his ankle. 

Sweating now, he stood there hoping the gunman didn’t start shooting at him. He wouldn’t have time to get to his piece. He tried to talk the man down.

“Okay, we’re all unarmed. Let him go,” Pavel told him.

He made eye contact with Lazlo and tried to mentally tell him he would be fine.

Suddenly Agent Forensco stood up in front of Pavel and aimed at the man.

“Let him go!” Forensco yelled.

“Forensco, put it down,” Pavel ordered.

The man appeared startled and nervous. He began waving his gun at Forensco then at Pavel and back at Lazlo. It seemed to Pavel that the gunman was as out of control as the situation was. Forensco ignored Pavel and shot toward the man, barely missing Lazlo. Pavel figured the man reacted out of fear when he shot back at Forensco. He missed. Pavel ducked down, but kept his eyes trained on what was unfolding in front of him. The gunman aimed back at Lazlo’s head and pulled the trigger. Pavel saw his boss crumple to the floor.

“No,” Pavel screamed as an initial reaction.

Almost instantaneously, Nick came around the corner and fired a clean shot to the head of the unknown man, who fell next to Lazlo.

Pavel ran toward Lazlo, yelling for someone to call nine-one-one. Even in his despair, in the back of his mind, he knew it was too late, but he tried all the medical techniques he knew in order to save Lazlo. 

Nothing worked. A few attempted to pull him away from Lazlo, but Pavel didn’t see who they were. All he could see was that both Lazlo and the crazed man were dead.

Here's a chance to read the book enter and win your own copy!


  1. Ramadan Kareem!!! Great review Aliaa! It sounds interesting and it's definitely going to my TBR pile but I think that I gonna start with the first book better :) Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway <3
    xoxo, Mariam @Book-A-Holic

    1. Oooh and the excerpt was intense but short I need more :\ Guess I'll have to wait until I get my own copy ;)