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Book Tour, Review & Giveaway: Fire On The Island

Title: Fire on The Island

Goodreads Synopsis:

“She who wields the mark is the barrier between man and monster. She is the daughter of gods, the mother of man, protector of all. Vigilati Usque Ad Mortem”

All Isla Macallen wanted was a simple existence on her little Scottish island, free from her mother’s insanity and the prying eyes of neighbors. What she got was embroiled in a war for the souls of mankind. A war of good versus evil, of witches versus demons, and Isla learns that she alone can end it.

Dr. Jeremiah Rousseau was a self-proclaimed nomad, traveling the world researching paranormal phenomena. He doesn’t expect his research to lead him to Scotland, and to the woman who will turn his world upside down.

Together with a facetious shapeshifting animal spirit guide, Jeremiah and Isla discover that she is part of an ancient bloodline bred to protect the gateways between the human world and the spirit world, to keep evil demons from destroying them. They must find the key to defeating Alastore, the demon king, and closing the gate before Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is lifted. As the war for their souls wages around them, Isla and Jeremiah will risk it all for love—a love neither had ever thought possible.


I am not always into paranormal books, by that I guess I mean I can stomach some, just not others. It really depends. This book had me drawn - yes due to the amazing cover. But also, the Synopsis didn't sound half bad. Not that it didn't sound good, it's just as I mentioned I am always reserved when it comes to Paranormal books. With this type of book I usually take my time, and almost never finish it on the same day, but with this one, I was surprised to find myself finishing it in a matter of hours. The use of latin in the midst was what sealed my opinion of this book, I am easily influenced by great covers, and good writing, but adding another language in there is what sends me to the roof. Especially since with my studies of Italiano volgare I am able to understand most of the Latin words.

The story is basically about Isla, a girl who came to Arran Island and stayed. There she formed a business with which she can show tourists and people the beauty of the island. All was well until one day, in one of the other jobs she'd had to carry out to make enough money to start the business, she lifts up her hair to a knot showing an odd tattoo on her neck. That tattoo causes the usually friendly townspeople to start edging away from her and talking about her behind her back, as well as keeping a distance. Everyone trying to understand what it symbolizes but none of their theories sounded the least bit good. One day, Jeremiah comes to the Island for vacation. Jeremiah is very interested in paranormal behavior and such, he comes to the island after having found a book about Bruixi and Vigilati witches, he's so engrossed in it to realize that his guide was actually a vigilati. Jere does all he can to help her come to terms with what she is, then a lot of accidents occur where she's protected by a wolf. Her life turns into a mess as all the points in her life come together and start making sense, but with it, also came a battle she was meant to fight.

I really enjoyed how the author created this whole history behind Isla's heritage. How the tattoo-like shape (Signa) appears when she's old enough to use her powers. How she's a Vigilati but with Praeda blood running through her. The complicated stories behind the creatures had me intrigued. So I kept reading on to know how it goes, and how she reaches that final battle with Alastore - whom she might not be able to fight completely well due to the praeda blood running through her. What was the reason he shaped himself into a human anyway? The thoughts had me hurling through the book to know more.

One of my favourite Characters would have to be Marduk the feradux. I am not so sure why, though Jeremiah should have been the obvious one. I also liked Callum's protectiveness over Isla after all the town nearly shunned her for the tattoo on her neck.

All in all, a really great read!

Rating: 4.5/5


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  1. Hmmm... favorite paranormal book?
    I would have to go with, Sunshine by Robin McKinley!
    It's soooo good!
    This book looks great!
    Thanks for the giveaway and hope all is well! :D

  2. Probably the book I'm reading right now: Blood Life by Gianna Perada.