Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Fated Dreams

Title: Fated Dreams

Goodreads Synopsis:

Do you believe in true love? Sarah Samson didn’t until she met hers. But for Sarah, meeting the guy of her dreams came with a price. On the outside Sarah looks like she has it all, friends, a loving family, and a hobby she's really good at. But if you look closer, Sarah's keeping secrets, from everyone in her life, even... Lucas. A boy she hardly knows, but still feels a connection with.

Life would be perfect, if it wasn't for the constant feeling that someone is following her. She feels a presence everywhere she goes, work, home, her dreams.

She suddenly finds herself wrapped up in a dangerous mystery that started eighty years ago involving two tragic deaths. After several attempts on her life, she and Lucas realize they must solve it before history repeats itself.


I seriously love the cover. I mean look at it! Isn't it awesome? I probably sound so shallow, but I am a sucker for a great cover, so that's the main reason why I requested this book on Goodreads. The synopsis is not exactly misleading but gives a bit of a different impression than the one I got from the book. Trust me that book is way better.

Now, the book is about Sarah, a girl who transferred from a private school to be with her friends and people that treated her better than in her old school after the most popular girl in school went on a rampage to make everyone hate her and turn her life into hell. The new school is a completely different experience and she's a completely different person with her friends around. She also has dreams of a guy she goes to school with but doesn't know so well. She's uncomfortable about those dreams until she realizes that she isn't dreaming about the obnoxious yet popular guy in school, but his more quiet and less popular twin brother. They develop a connection she hadn't anticipated and realizes he also has been having dreams about her. The problem with both their dreams are, they both end up dead in them. And for some reason, someone is out to make their dreams come true.

I loved the relationship between the families, whether it's Sarah with her family or Lucas with his. The sibling bickering and strong relationships they have were funny and reminded me of my own characters. At some point I expected another confrontation with Sarah and her old bully Stephanie, but it never came, which is weird since the author had stressed on their encounter in the prologue. The added mystery of the dreams and who stars in them was fun. The characters were always paranoid, Sarah over whoever it is watching her, and Lucas, with not wanting his dream of Sarah being dead coming true.

I am always fond of family books and ones that continue onwards, so I'd have wanted to know more about Logan and his relationship with Lucas. Maybe also more on Sarah and her brother Alex, but it was still great, and I hear Logan gets his own book in 'Delusions' which I hope to get a chance to read soon! That and, is it only me or have I been reading a lot of books about dreams lately? I mean sure they were all special in their own way, and had really hooking and special storylines, but still! There's Silver Knight, Dream Slayer, Dreamwalkers, Superheroes wear faded Denim, and now this.

Anyhow, it's a great read. Very simple, funny, and adorable. It also holds a mysterious and dangerous aspect, but the parts involving the different families added a pleasant contrast. I enjoyed it, and can't wait to read more on Logan.

Rating: 4/5

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