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Blog Tour, Review: Racing With The Wind

Title: Racing With The Wind
ISBN13: 9781938876004

Goodreads Synopsis:

The intrepid daughter of an earl leaves Regency London for the Parisian court of Louis XVIII, where she finds adventure, mystery, and above all, love.

Hugh Redgrave, marquess of Ormond, was warned. Prinny had dubbed Lady Mary Campbell “the Swan,” but no ordinary man could clip her wings. She was a bluestocking hellion, an ill-advised match by every account. Luckily, he sought no bride. His work lay on the continent, where he’d become legend by stealing war secrets from Boney. And yet, his memories of Lady Mary riding her stallion were a thorn in his mind. He was the son of a duke and in the service of the Prince Regent…and he would not be whole until he had won her hand.

It was unheard of for a Regency debutante to postpone her first season, yet Lady Mary had done just that. Far more interested in politics than a husband, she had no time for foolishness or frippery. Already she had assisted her statesman uncle in Paris, and she swore to return to the court of Louis XVIII no matter the danger. Like her black stallion, Midnight, she would always run free. Only the truest heart would race beside her.


I love historical romances. I truly do. I also mention this a lot, so I am guessing the fact that I enjoyed this book immensely should not come as a surprise to any of you. I haven't read a Historical Romance in over a month - which I know might not seem like a long time, but for me it is. So when I got a hold of this book I started reading it straightaway.

Mary Campbell who was dubbed the 'Swan' by the prince's reagent, would prefer nothing more than to avoid society and being a debutante, but she couldn't put it off for long. She just hates the dull conversations, and how everyone thinks her a hoyden. She'd rather be in France, helping her uncle and the crown - even though she doesn't know much about the missions. She manages to charm some people, and annoy others, but in the end she's only too happy to go to France with her uncle again. Even if a very good-looking but arrogant Marquess - whose kisses drive her insane - seems to think she shouldn't go. She's determined, that is until she figures out maybe she's had enough adventures to last her a lifetime as things get more dangerous.

Hugh Redgrave, the 'Nighthawk' who has dedicated his life to the crown - even as a thief to whatever end he's expected to reach - does not want to get married just yet. He knows he's expected to, but he only wants a malleable wife and doesn't need to search for one soon. So obviously when he sees Mary dancing ever so elegantly, he decides he should avoid her at all costs. Even after seeing her ride so magnificently on her stallion he still wants to avoid her, as well as after having a heated argument on politics, as well as after kissing her -repeatedly. But no matter what she's always on his mind, what on earth was he going to do? Especially with her insisting to fall headfirst into trouble in the name of adventure?

I honestly loved this book. With historical romances I am always wary because not all authors succeed in having me entranced and excited about the books. There's either something wrong with the writing itself, or the storyline or the plausibility of the characters and chain of events. I don't dive into them easily unless I am a big fan of the authors. Like Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Lisa Kleypas and strangely enough Mary Balogh as well. But with Ragen Walker, I was able to dive into the book quick enough. The storyline was great, the characters were well developed, the chain of events were intriguing and the writing was easy and flowing. I love when the heroine is not conventional by society's dictates, standing out and capturing the attention of the hero - even when he doesn't want to be caught. This was one of those stories that I love immensely and couldn't help but enjoy it!

Rating: 4/5

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