Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini NetGalley Reviews

I was done with those a while back, but I didn't know whether I should write them here or not, now I am doing them anyway.

Title: Oreimo
Author:  (Illustrator)

Goodreads Synopsis:

High-school student Kyousuke doesn't get along with his cranky, dismissive, and secretive fourteen-year-old litter sister Kirino, but he suddenly finds himself forced to protect Kirino's secrets--she's not only a gorgeous fashion model, a track star, and an accomplished student, but she's also obsessed with naughty video games and little kids' fantasy anime! How can Kirino maintain her complicated lifestyle--and how can Kuousuke maintain his sanity? And might the tow of them, some how, just maybe, ever become friends?


Well, I am not really sure how to explain this book... or what I thought reading it. I mean, it's a manga, and I personally love mangas - which was why I ha requested the galley. The drawings were pretty amazing too! I love the style - always have.
But as to the story itself... I am not sure

I mean, it talks about Kyousuke, a high school student who has awful relationship with his younger sister Kirino. Kirino is basically perfect in every way, she's stunning, she's a modal and a track star. She's always looked down on him and they hadn't talked in a while. Up until he get hold of a weird video that had fallen from her bag which contained a weird fantasy anime he couldn't imagine her ever owning. But when he tells her he's ok with whatever obsessions she seems to have with naughty video games and little kids' fantasy anime, she begins to trust him and tell him more about them. She also requests his help in making sure their father - a very strict man- doesn't figure it out.

If you take the story from a brother and sister sort of view, it's actually kind of sweet, a brother protecting his sister from their strict father over a forbidden hobby.

I am not sure it was my cup of tea. But I did enjoy the drawings!

Rating: 2/5

Title: A Season For Sin

Goodreads Synopsis:

Introducing the Sinful Scoundrels...

The Earl of Bellingham is nothing is not a creature of habit: money, meals, and mistresses must be strictly managed if a man is to have a moment's peace. It's a system that works splendidly for him--until now. With his oldest and dearest friends succumbing, one by one, to wedded bliss, Bell is now restless and a trifle lonely. Enter the Sinful Scoundrels--Colin Brockhurst, Earl of Ravenshire, and Harry Norcliffe, Viscount Evermore--who drag him back into society and draw his rakish eye to the ton's new beautiful young widow. Bell isn't after a wife, but a challenge. And Laura Davenport should fit the bill quite nicely...


When I first read this book, I had thought it some sort of preview till the actual book is out. I didn't actually know this was it and that it's just an introduction to the new series. I was very disappointed.

The book is about the Earl of Bellingham (who everyone calls Bell), he's an astute fellow that likes for everything in his life to be in a specific order. That turns his life to become rather mundane, dull and lonely. That is, until he fishes out Harry from drowning, he soon becomes friends with him and his friend Colin. Life takes an interesting turn then as he enjoys their company around town until another fateful day where he encounters the widow Lady Chesfield, Laura. He tells himself that he's only trying to help her out by helping her stepson grow up and mature. Though in all reality he's very drawn to the woman, even though she tries to push him away. Things turn a bit sour when Justin's - Laura's stepson- uncle, decides he's had enough of the child's antics and tries to take him away from Laura, which leads Laura to desperately going to Bell asking for a solution.

I was very drawn into this book - especially since I dearly love Historical Romances- and when it was over I was very upset. I want to know more about what happens next and hope it comes out soon!

The author's style was very hooking - I hadn't read a book for her before that - and I enjoyed the reading immensely. Historical romances are one of my favourite genres, but not everyone can pull it off, which is usually why I am way of reading for new authors in said genre. But Vicky had done it so well I will be definitely going back for more. For me, this plot was new, at least, I can't remember reading a similar book, which was partly why I enjoyed it so much.

I can't wait to read more in this series!


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