Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Crushed

So this is book five out of nine, but I am guessing I am behind schedule, since I only have two days left. I'll try to read another one tonight before I sleep, but tomorrow I need to read at least two as well. Not to mention I have a tour running on the 21st as it is. So this is getting tough.

Title: Crushed
ISBN: 1463718764 

Goodreads Synopsis:

The Noah sisters rule Titan High with their beauty, brains, and magical powers. Each year they play a secret game: Crushed. The girls pick their targets carefully and blow enchanted dust into the boy’s faces, charming them, but this year Kristen makes a grave mistake. She chooses the wrong boy and almost dies that same day. Coincidence? Maybe. But something isn’t quite right about Zach Bevian. He doesn’t behave like a boy who’s been Crushed. He goes from hot to cold, from looking at her with contempt to asking her out on a date. She doesn’t know what to think. Does he hate her or is he truly falling for her? Is he trying to kill her, or is he trying to save her?


Let's start with the C.S.T (cover, synopsis & title). The cover would have looked so much better had the black been taken off. The picture in the middle should have been the full cover, that would have made it a seriously attractive cover. Not that it's bad, but it could have used a few tweaks. As to the synopsis, it was good too. I loved it actually - it was the main reason I'd requested said book. Now, to the title, again I liked it very much, so high points on those three.

The book talks about the three Noah sisters. They're witches - just no one knows that. They enjoy playing a game called 'Crushed' at school. They each choose a target - a boy - who they put a spell on and force to do their bidding. The key was not to push so hard, but to have the most effect. The triplets enjoyed this game immensely until one of the girls dares responsible sister to Crush Zach Bevian who they dubbed : tall, dark and scary. In a fit of anger, Kristen does just that. Though, there seemed to be some sort of problem. Zach follows the rules, but no sign of love or devotion in his actions, he plays it hot and cold with her and she has no idea if the spell didn't take or if it broke because she asked too much of him. To make matters worse, someone seems to be out to kill her. As Zach saves her life, she starts to have feelings for him, which upsets her sister Brittany who'd been crushing on Zach for quite some time. So Brittany is out for revenge, doing all she can to make Kristen lose her social status in school from queen to outcast, but will it just be small stunts or would Brittany really go overboard as to try and kill her? Yet the attempts on her life from another side keep going and she has no idea who's behind them. To top it all off, Zach's sister hates her and is hiding something from him, that might not be so harmless as he thinks.

I loved this book. I mean, really, sister rivalry, jealousy,dares, and hot boys? I'm totally in! The storyline wasn't dark and gloomy at first, though the tone did turn that way in the end as the attempts on Kristen's life got more frequent. The writing was smooth and the pace was stable, I liked it. It was a quick fun read and the style was great.

What I disliked most about this story was Cyndi. The third sister. She was such a jerk. Though not by actively doing anything mean, but by doing nothing. When Kristen tries to defend herself against Brittany's outrageous slights, Cyndi takes Brittany's side. But when Brittany  does something bad,  Cyndi stands back and does nothing, she was easily the most pathetic sister ever. I mean yes, I disliked Brittany, but at least her character had cause - or what she assumed was a good cause - for her actions. I didn't even like how Kristen would forgive her so easily for the awful things she's done, though I guess her being the responsible sister I did see it coming. No wonder Kristen mostly felt alone, with her parents pressuring her to go different sides against each other, as well as sisters who didn't care much for her, I would feel so too.

But overall, a really fun read I completely enjoyed!

Rating: 3/5


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