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Review: Delusions

Title: Delusions
ISBN13: 9781476207377

Goodreads Synopsis:

Can Fate be wrong? When all signs point to a certain someone, do you just blindly follow? What if that person turns out to be someone you hate? Could Destiny be so cruel? Lisa Miller is busy with family, work, friends and…revenge. Her last summer in high school should be spent, having fun. But ever since Logan Tate played a prank on her, she spends all of her free time trying to get even.
Unfortunately Logan's not making it easy for her, he's trying to convince her that he has changed. But she is not fooled by his charming personality, and stunning good looks. No one can change that drastically.
Things aren't much better at home. Ever since her father left a year and a half ago, she refuses to speak to him, causing tension with her mother and sister.
As if she didn't have enough problems, someone is sending prank emails and phone calls, mysteriously knowing about her dreams. Who would do such a thing, and how could they know?

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I just recently reviewed the first book in this series Fated Dreams, as I mentioned before it had been a part of the ARR program on Goodreads. I'd really liked the story, and once I heard there was a book two for Logan, I rushed up to the author wondering about it. Christina was nice enough to send me a copy of the book, as it was just my luck she'd been giving away 5 free copies of the book! Within the next few hours of receiving it, I'd had the book read. No seriously, even ask her, she was surprised too. Now, since that day I've reread the book a second time just for good measure. That and I really liked the character of Logan, much more than that of Lucas, not sure why.
That and, did you guys see this amazing cover? I honestly fell in love with it, just as much as I'd done with book one!

Now onto the review!

*Potential Spoilers if you haven't read book one*

In Fated Dreams, every bad thing Logan had ever done - at school or otherwise - was promptly reported to his mother. Logan didn't have a clue how that happened and was very upset. The only three people who knew who it was reporting that were Logan's mother, his twin brother Lucas and his brother's girlfriend Sarah. It happened to be Lisa, an employee at his family's restaurant. You see, Lisa had actually met Logan at a party a couple of years back, he told her he'd dreamed about her, and she'd almost fallen in love with him. They made out, but as she goes to answer her phone and comes back, she discovers him kissing someone else and from thereon onwards she's been out for revenge. With him graduating she thought her methods might not be as effective anymore, so she decides to crank it up a notch.

 Everyone in school knows Logan is a jerk. It wasn't until he had a heartfelt conversation with his brother's girlfriend, Sarah, that he decides to turn himself into a decent guy. And after being grounded and forced to do chores at the restaurant, he realizes how important it was for him to be a good guy as he sees Lisa. Ever since he was a kid, Logan's been dreaming about this girl, so seeing her working at his parent's restaurant surprises him, but also has him determined to show her how he's such a nice guy.

For Lisa, that caused a problem because she really didn't want to like him, and for Logan, he had no idea why she seemed to dislike him so much. They both embark on a journey and discover more about one another and their friends. They are also a bit thrown back by the strange messages Lisa's been receiving which seemed to threaten their relationship. That and Lisa's friends who don't seem to want her to let her grudge go. But even if she didn't could she face Logan with what she's done? Did he even deserve it anymore?

This was such a fun read! I honestly enjoyed it. That and, the style was very simple and the pace was quick. I finished it in a few hours and was very excited about it that I picked it up again in a few more days. I am a hopeless romantic so this book appealed to that side of me! The characters were greatly developed, though I wasn't so fond of Adam's friend who seemed to drop in a lot. I really enjoyed the different aspects of their characters and the easy relationship between them.

All in all, a cool summer read!

Rating: 4/5

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