Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Spring Cleaning

Ok, so book four out of nine! I am nearly halfway there, it's going to be tough the next few days, but oh well, let's get going!


Goodreads Synopsis:

Sometimes, relationships can be deadly. 

Terri thought she was marrying a strong, loving man, only to find that beneath that handsome face lies something cold, brutal, and dangerous. After years of abuse, Randy takes things a little too far, and Terri finally summons the courage to take matters into her own hands and make her escape. But freedom comes at a price.

Forging a new life, Terri tries to forget her past, but she can't help looking over her shoulder at every turn. When prison bars can no longer hold Randy, and her past comes knocking, Terri finds that the strength to trust again may be her only salvation.


The main thing that attracted me about this book was the title, it was intriguing. Then came the cover obviously, which was very pretty, as well as the interesting synopsis. So I'd requested it to read.

Terri has had a rough life with her abusive husband. After she stages a way for him to get caught in the act of beating her up - the only way for him to not escape getting caught - she nearly dies, but he's sent to prison. She lives out her year in terror and fearing when he comes out, so she changes everything about herself, where she lives, works, and how she looks. She also tries to get a divorce which keeps stalling - she suspects due to her husband's connections. The problem is, the second he's out of prison he seems to know exactly where to find her, and proceeds to invoke terror in her life as she fears the second she'll set eyes on him again. After she suspects him breaking and entering her house, she calls the cops, only to have them do nothing since they were still 'legally' married. Luke, Terri's boss, is not so fond of the law, so he makes Terri move in with him until he can make sure she's safe, but is there anywhere that's safe with her husband's resources?

I enjoy books  with a strong heroine character, trying to fight off abuse or a disability or something. It has you emotionally invested and siding with her straight off. Then came the whole first person writing, which helps in getting into the head of the character and understanding their points of view. Not that I found Randy, the husband's, point of view understandable, but it made me relate to how delusional and obsessed he was. The terror Terri must have felt was huge, and I felt sorry for her heartbreaking childhood story. But the characters were definitely well- written and I enjoyed all the background stories as well as seeing the events from different sides. Though maybe the story should have been longer and getting us to know more about other characters in the story to strengthen the way the divorce had been delayed and the place Luke ran.

The title 'Spring Cleaning' was a great way to signify the importance of it in the character's life. Her clearing out the history and abuse and pain she suffered from her husband's hands and starting fresh, I found it very fitting and an enjoyable read!

Rating: 3/5


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