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Magic in His Kiss: Review

Title: Magic in His Kiss
Author: Shari Anton
ISBN: 0446617563
Publishing House: Gand Central Publishing
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Book Source: NetGalley

Goodreads Synopsis:

By order of King Stephen, Nicole de Leon has been confined to Bledloe Abbey since her father's death eight years ago. As an orphaned noblewoman, she has always known that she would be married off to strengthen King Stephen's political position. But as she reached marriageable age, she never dreamt that her extended family would come to her aid and prevent this unwanted marriage. For Nicole's uncle, Connorap Maelgwn, has always despised King Stephen and would do anything to thwart him...even commit an act of war by kidnapping the bride the King needs to solidify an alliance. But Connor can't charge through England with an army. He needs a warrior who's trustworthy...a warrior like Rhodri ap Dafydd.
Rhodri ap Dafydd, a bard and warrior, has one purpose: to bring Nicole de Leon and home to Wales. He has no interest at all in politics--he's merely helping a friend. But from the moment he lays eyes on Nicole, friendship is the last thing on his mind. With her fiery nature and her sharp tongue, Nicole is unlike any woman he has ever met. But falling in love with her was never an option. Brought together by fate but soon torn apart by war, can these two star-crossed lovers find a future together?


This book had appealed to me on many levels. The first one was the cover, how was I supposed to resist it? The second was both the title and the synopsis - both of which sounded really great. And the last level was the fact that it was a historical romance.

Sadly, it was one of those moments where I discovered the limit of my interest in historical romance, basically meaning, I should resign myself to 'Regency' historical romances from now on. Not that I am saying there was something wrong in the story itself, just the fact that this period of time did not appeal to me.

The author did a good amount of research in this book to try to make it as accurate as can be with such a far period of time. At the same time, she weaved a tale in the middle to make for an enchanting and interesting combination and twist. I enjoyed the writing very much, however all those foreign names and people I haven't heard much about kept me in complete and total confusion - which was one of the reasons I decided this was not the period of time for me.

After the constant confusion in the first couple of chapters, I started to get the hang of it and to enjoy the story. It was an interesting read, though the writing wasn't as simple as I am accustomed to, but I feel it added to the effect required of this time period. The addition of paranormal activity in the mix was actually great and I enjoyed seeing how the story played out.

I'm resigning myself to two things right now, stick to Regency books, and read more about Welsh history. Seriously, it seemed very fascinating!

Rating: 3/5

Author Bio:

Shari Anton's resume lists an impressive string of job titles, from personnel clerk to executive secretary. When she took a creative writing class and found she possessed some talent for writing fiction, she dared to dream of a career that allowed her to work at home, shun panty hose and take unlimited coffee breaks. 

Shari and her husband live in Wisconsin, have two grown children, and do their best to spoil their grandsons. Every chance they get, they pack the saddlebags on their Harleys and hit the road. Traveling companions expect to find a visit to a Civil War battlefield, a medieval fair, or an historical society on the itinerary. 

Shari is a member of Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America (WisRWA), Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Novelists, Inc., and The Authors Guild. 

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