Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Heiress and her fake fiancé: Review

Title: The Heiress and Her Fake Fiancé
Author: Kimberly Hope
Publishing House: Getaway Reads

Goodreads Synopsis:

When her father starts manipulating her life again, Jessica Heymore needs an escape and time to determine her next move. She runs to Blakely and the safe haven of her grandmother’s house. Except Grandma didn’t mention the house was occupied. Now she finds herself living with the star of her high school fantasies. Matt Lawson has moved back to Blakely to prove he’s more than they thought the son of the town drunk could ever be. An accomplished landscape designer, he’s looking for a wife who will stay in the small town and help him set down strong roots on the right side of the tracks this time. But Jessica’s grandma has a penchant for matchmaking and now the whole town is talking about the future for these unlikely roommates.


I think the main pointer I'd give for anyone to enjoy this book would be to  play a little loose with the scenarios of this book as to what would be believable. I was really into the synopsis and title. Their combination is what made me want to read it. I didn't really like the cover though, and sadly, later on I found the title not working well with the book's storyline.

So did I love this book? No. Did I like it just fine? Sure I guess. If you ignore anything that isn't  plausible in this book, it actually turns out to be a fun girly read. I did like that side of things, when I stopped analyzing, stopped criticizing and just got into the feel of the book, it improved immensely.

The writing was alright, the change of point of views was fun, and the storyline itself was good. But not one of my favorite stories so far. The synopsis made it hold so much potential, sadly, it didn't live up to it. Normally I find it funny when parents or grandparents do some matchmaking - like with the MacGregors in Nora Robert's books - but in this case the grandmother was so ... blaah. I didn't find anything she did funny or even a 'good tactic' or whatever, she annoyed the hell out of me.

So yeah, sadly a disappointing read.

Rating: 2/5

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