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The Life & Death of Lily Drake : Tour Stop, Review & Excerpt

Title: The Life and Death of Lily Drake
Author: T. Michelle Nelson
ISBN13: 9780985148386
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Goodreads Synopsis:

For Lily Drake, slaying vampires is easy...Dating them is the hard part.

Lily Drake is your everyday hard-working single mom…until a gorgeous vampire shows up on her front door who she mistakenly assumes is her blind date for the evening. As one crazy scenario after another unfolds, Lily finds herself falling in love with two vampires, slaying the evil ones, and being prophesied as the savior of the entire undead race. 
Deciding between pizza and Chinese take-out will no longer be one of the hard decisions facing Lily Drake once she is emerged into vampire society. Humanity or immortality? That doesn't hold a candle against this question - which of the two handsome vampire cousins?

The Life and Death of Lily Drake is not your typical vampire love story. It’s a tale about the humorous mistakes a woman makes simply trying to survive not only life, but the dating scene. How will Lily manage working full-time, taking care of her young son and fighting the undead at every turn?
Lily will have to figure it out, but who better to save the world than a mom?


First off, before saying anything about the book, I should point out I've been dying to read it for the past few months now, but always had a huge review pile. So when I heard there was a book tour for it I rushed to join so I could finally have an excuse to read it straight away and I am so glad I did!

Now, onto the book itself. You clearly see the beautiful cover do you not? Inkspell has these amazing covers, but this one is one of my absolute favorites! In addition to the title in question and the synopsis? It was immediately a must read for me!

Dating life for Lily is hard, so when her friend sends her off on a blind date - knowing her friend's taste - she shouldn't have expected the hot and rich figure she finds at her door. She comes to regret this later as she realizes who it was at her door and the offer he has to make her, turn to a vampire or forget about their existence. She opts to forget... only for some reason she doesn't. If that wasn't enough, a lot of vampires are out to kill her and she's got to start making decisions and soon.

I must admit though, that there were things I did not like about this book. I was not fond of how fast things went the first few chapters, and Lily's character was a bit annoying at times. There's also the matter of the sudden love triangle - I hate those - but these were basically the only things I could actively complain about.

Other than that, I loved reading this book. I loved how particular it was to be turned into a vampire, it was a unique idea. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters - especially the ones between Mathias and Valentine, the cousin's relationship was great at first, so were Valentine's and Lily's. I also admired Lily's motherly instincts, how protective she was of her son and how much of a conflict it was choosing between him and the man she loved. That and, she was so badass and confident I kind of liked that about her. She knew how to fight and be safe, so when her not so great dates go bad and a guy tries to grope her she can defend herself! Not to mention, there were a lot of unexpected surprises in the mix that I did enjoy!

The author's style was really great. I enjoyed the writing immensely and the added humor and wit were a great touch. It added a light air to the book as well as the serious parts. It was also a quick read that I finished in just a few hours!

Rating: 3.5/5


Half the quart later, spoon in her mouth and sticky syrup covering her fingers, lips, and probably a few other places, Lily turned slowly to see a gorgeous brunette standing silently behind her, watching. Her hair was long and shiny, with one white highlight accenting her face.

Her nose, eyebrow, and lip were pierced with silver loops, and a linked necklace that looked like a dog collar hung close to her throat. She wore a skin-tight black vinyl dress, and appeared to be just a bit younger than Lily—at least, that’s how young she’d been when she was turned.

Although she had a perfectly toned body, she looked too old to be wearing something most girls who could legally drink wouldn’t have the guts to wear to the dance club.

Neither of them moved. The vampire’s lithe body was still as a statue, and Lily remained with her cheek distended from a mouthful of ice cream, tablespoon and all. The vinyl-clad vamp smiled, showing her two sharp, elongated upper fangs on each side of her mouth, and gazed slowly from Lily’s face down to her feet and back up again.

“If I didn’t know it, I’d have never guessed you were the human that all this fuss is about.”

“And if I didn’t know better, I’d think they weren’t terribly choosy about who they turned when they picked you,” Lily mumbled over a mouthful of chocolate. She never had been good at holding her tongue, but hadn’t taken enough time to think that insulting a vampire was a really stupid idea.

“I’m going to enjoy sucking you dry, bitch.” The vampire growled at Lily the moment before she lunged.

Author Bio:

When T. Michelle Nelson was a little girl she told people she was going to be a skeleton when she grew up. Most people assumed she confused the question with "What do you want to be for Halloween?" She doesn't remember, but thinks it's debatable either way. With her love of all things monster and horror, it's possible she actually did want to grow up to be a skeleton.  Years later, little has changed.  T. Michelle still loves her monsters, but now she writes about them. 

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