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Big Bad Bite Blog Tour - Guest Post

Title: Big Bad Bite
Author: Jessie Lane
Release Date: 28 January 2013

Book Blurb:
What would it be like to live in a world where you are considered abnormal to those who are above the norm?

Jenna O’ Conner has been taught her whole life to hide from everyone. Never to let anyone to close enough to know that she would prefer a shotgun for her birthday over of a bouquet of roses. She’s been smothered by her over protective family so that no one learns what she truly is. Which is not human. Nor, is she considered the norm for the supernatural Other community that is benevolent enough to share this world with the humans.
In a desperate attempt to live her own life away from the small town she was raised in, Jenna obtains her dream job as the newest member on the Wilmington Police Department’s SWAT Team. What she didn’t predict was that she would run into trouble her first day on the job, in the form of a deadly, mouthwatering man named Adam McPhee. Who is also not human, but more like a wolf walking around in human skin. He’s determined to figure out exactly what Jenna is, which unbeknownst to him, could very well put her life in danger. He’s also determined to have her all to himself.
As if that wasn’t enough for Jenna to deal with, bad news blows into town. A group of extremist Shifters who think humans are cattle and factions of Others worldwide should stay within their own species - never to intermingle. Chaos ensues. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, discovers things about herself that even she never thought was possible.
Who said the wolf was what you had to worry about?
Welcome to the real world.


So now, onto the Guest post!

Our Top 6 Favorite Paranormal Movies That Inspire Jessie Lane

Hi everyone! We’re grateful that _ let us stop by today to chat with you all! In case you hadn’t heard, we’re releasing a new book at the end of January! Big Bad Bite is a paranormal romance that features a kick butt heroine who’s not quite what she seems, and the dangerous Alpha wolf who wants her. As writer's,  we draw inspiration from everyday facets of life. Books, music, and movies provide some of the biggest sources of ideas for us to draw from. Here is a short list of our favorite paranormal movies that have inspired us (and perhaps made our hearts pitter patter a tad faster in our chests). 

Crystal’s Picks:

Underworld – Someone had to guess this one was going to show up! There are so many reasons to love this movie. Kick butt heroine with an equally awesome name of Selene? Check. Super-hot hero in Michael? Check. Equally super-hot villain in Lucian? Double Check. Action, romance, and superb special effects. This series is by far one of my favorite series of movies of all time. The husband has learned he’ll just have to deal.

Interview With The Vampire – I think of this movie and all I want to say is, “Oh my God it’s a harem of smokin’ hot, dangerous men”! They’d be quicker to kill me than keep me, but a girl can dream, right? Add in the fact that it’s a movie based off of one of the greatest paranormal reads of our time and you just can’t lose.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992 version) – le sigh. A depraved story of a vampire and the beautiful human woman he longs to possess. He’ll do anything to obtain her too. Creepy or unbelievably romantic? 

Melissa’s Picks:

(Crystal always takes the good ones…*sigh*) LOL. We are too alike for our own good.

Queen of the Damned - Which is my FAVORITE Anne Rice novel and one of the female leads in the story is Jesse. This character is where we get part of our writing name from, we just happen to spell it a bit differently. The movie is actually remarkably different from the book, but I still love to watch Stuart Townsend parade around without a shirt on. Normally I don’t like the skinny guys but at least he’s cute. Jesse is a strong woman who won’t let anything stop her from following her heart.

Blade Trinity - A half-naked Ryan Reynolds playing Hannibal King. Need I say more? Plus, as Crystal so pointed out to me today “Hey aren’t you naming your kid Blade anyways?” “No goob, it was Deacon like Deacon Frost from the first Blade movie.” To which she said “whatever dork, same thing.” God I love my sister-in-law.

Underworld Evolution - Love it that Selene kicks butt in this one more so than the first movie. Plus, Michael is a hot hybrid that kicks some series booty too when he comes “back from the dead” so to speak. I’m a graphics and animation nerd, so I tend to pay more attention to the mechanics of a scene the first time I watch something. So then, the next time I watch it, I can actually pay attention to the storyline. Or whoever is currently gracing the screen at said time.

We hoped you enjoyed our little list of favorite paranormal movies! If it’s got vampires or werewolves in it, (played by drop dead gorgeous guys of course) then we generally glue ourselves to the television to watch it, sometimes to our husbands’ dismay. They just want to watch the blood and gore and could care less for the good stuff, like the romance, but we love them anyways. So now we’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite paranormal movie? Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

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