Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Trickster - Guest Post

Serafima Bogomolova – Fame or Fortune?

Fame or fortune, which would you prefer?
by Serafima Bogomolova

I would prefer fortune. Fortune seems to encompass a lot more than fame: luck, status, success, money, chance. Fame can be so short lived, one day you have it, the next it is gone, but when you have fortune you will always have something to look forward to or enjoy. If you run out of money then with a bit of luck you can gain it back, if you have status then you may attract success more easily, if you have money you can reinvest it back and strengthen your success, if you have success then status comes with it too, and if you have a chance and use it in a right way then you can gain success, money, and status in one go.
Fame, on the other hand, does not always equal success or status, or money, or luck. One can be famous for wrong reasons, and then fame becomes a curse rather than luck. People might talk about you and recognize you, but that does not mean you have got status or wealth. Fame does not offer chances, it is something out of your control, something that others create and spread, yet you are in the centre of it and at the same time, you become a puppet of the crowd.
So, I will stick with fortune.


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