Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chain Story - Explanation & Sign-up.

Hey guys!

This is a writing game I am not sure why I decided I'd love to start. So, I’m finding it rather difficult to explain the game in 140 characters on twitter. I decided a blog post would be better.

Now onto the game.

There are only two things you know beforehand, the theme and a specific event that has to occur at some point, which may or may not influence the story, we don’t actually know that.
Other than that, you can go wherever you like with the story, just as long as you don’t go off or ignore the theme/genre. We wouldn’t want a contemporary novel to suddenly have walking zombies, or a mystery novel  with  no mystery. 

As to the game itself, well (depending on how many writers are involved) each writer gets one chapter, and a specific time limit to write said chapter in the story. The story itself continues within those different chapters and the goal is to keep it smooth and running as if it’s being written by one person (except for the separate styles of writing that is).

You can add or remove characters just as long as you don’t forget which characters your colleagues have already added or removed. You have to stick to their descriptions of how this character is to be portrayed.
As to the aforementioned event, it  can happen in the first chapter, or later on, just as long as at some point someone mentions it, meaning if it hasn’t happened yet and you’re the last one there, you have to include it in your chapter. Whether you make it mundane or a great part of the story is up to you.

The Rules:

1)      You’re not allowed to read the other people’s chapters unless it’s your turn. Which means, if you go first you don’t get to see what the second person has written. Only the last person would be lucky enough to read it all. Think of it as Chinese Whispers. You can start with something, but you can never predict how it’s going to end.

2)      You’re not allowed to ask what the next person is writing, or where he plans to head with the story or how he wanted it to turn out. Basically, it’s like you’re in an exam, you don’t talk to the person next to you until it’s all over.

3)      You have 2-3 weeks to write your chapter and then send it all to the next person in line, I’ll use to see who goes when.

4)      You can’t plan anything beforehand, when you get your turn, you just have those three weeks to deal with it.
What I do request is that you don't be late with with your chapter, to send it to the next person in line, and to inform me before it's your turn if you can't make it to find someone willing to take up your turn!

So this is the game. Would you like to take part? I’m going to give people 2-3 days to sign up and then we can vote on the theme or what the event should be. Comment below if you’re interested, and do let me know!

I think I should end it on 7th of February. So yeah, that's the last day for signing up.


  1. I might be interested :) How long would the chapter need to be?

    1. up to you really, what would you like to add in your chapter. You can make it as long as whatever scene you want to play out is done, or short if you just want to link or add something short

  2. Sounds interesting! I wanna join :D

    But when will this game take place? My exams are coming up :(

    1. Well, I'm hoping to start it in a week or two. But you never know if your chapter comes first, in the middle or in the very end. I can try to make it sometime in the middle if you like.

  3. I'm interested in joining! This sounds like a fun challenge =)

    1. Hey Ashley, can you follow me on twitter, or leave me a way to contact you?

    2. Sure thing, my email is and I'll be sure to follow you on twitter (I may already!)

  4. Told you before, telling you again now: COUNT ME IN!

  5. Sounds like fun. I'll join in.

  6. Really great idea. It's very coincidental because I just wrote a book review on a novel that is written by 24 authors just like this. The title is SMALL TOWN AMERICA published by chainbooks publication:

    I really want to join but I don't know if I can commit to it, especially with my studies and all. I'll think about & will let you know if I decide to join. But if now, I wish you & all the participating writers the best of luck. Take care!

    Jhobell Kristyl

  7. I'm in! I can't wait!