Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: First time for Everything

Title: First time for Everything
Author: Aimee Carson
Publisher: Harlequin
Book Source: NetGalley
ISBN: 0373207042
Publishing Date: February 19th 2013
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Goodreads Synopsis:

"So tell me, suit," she said, as lightly as she could. "What exactly is a virgin supposed to act like?"Jacqueline's new boss is none other than her friend's older brother—hot-shot lawyer Blake Bennington. His control freakery and his need to always, always be right would normally send fiery, unconventional Jax running a mile—but even she has to admit he looks edible in his bespoke suit!

She's quickly realizing she's way out of her depth…but with this contained, experienced guy, trying to get him to lose his cool is just a little too tempting….


This book was my first ever 'Harlequin Kiss' read, I found this new side of Harlequin interesting and thought to check it out. I'm a huge fan of chick lit, I usually read it whenever I'm in the mood of a relaxing contemporary and girlish read. This book did really well for me when I was in that mood.

The book is about Jax, a woman who's gone through a lot of trauma growing up in foster homes, she had a lot of disturbing thoughts, but dancing had helped her deal with them and she considered her journey a battle she'd overcome. Blake is a rich successful man who spends more time than he'd like bailing out his sister from trouble and dealing with his flighty mother. Add Jax to the mix and there's no relaxing whatsoever in the stars for him. They both struggle in dealing with one another since their personalities seem to clash, but maybe there's more to them then meets the eye?

I really admired Jax. I loved how lively and energetic she was. How she was determined to be happy and cheerful, and get over her past. She wasn't exactly running away from it either, no she was holding it as an example of what she managed to overcome, for how strong and driven she was to be able to win that battle. Many people dwell on the pain but she wasn't one of them. I also enjoyed Blake's character, even though he was mostly serious, but it was a way to compensate for his irresponsible behavior and growing up in order to lead the family. The clashes between both characters were what interested me the most.

What I didn't like about the story was how much she was certain she could be a part of Blake's sister and mother's lives and not his. Why on earth was she so assured that they would accept her yet he wouldn't, or that she'd even want to be a part of his life. I found that last part ridiculous and her attitude towards him in the end wasn't the least bit convincing.

Other than that, I quite enjoyed the book, and Aimee's writing was very fun and easy to follow. It was a very quick read and an enjoyable one!

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. ooh.. I started reading this one but really didn't enjoy the banter that went on between Jax and Blake so I dropped it. Ugh i hate it when female leads are so determined to NOT like the person that they become overwhelmed in that and just annoy the readers to the extreme. I do recommend you read "How to get over your ex" from Harlequin Kiss. It is AMAZING. One of the best chick lits I've read. My review is on the blog if you're interested.

    great review!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Hey!
      It took me a bit to get into it yeah, but I was in between exams when I read it, and it was kind of relaxing. But I agree with you, I hate when authors do that with female leads. Have you read the "Hush,Hush" series? I HATED the lead there!
      As for the book, I'm checking it out now :)
      Did you try reading "Waking Up Married"? That one I really couldn't finish.