Friday, October 4, 2013

Would You Rather? #1

So, I found this post at my friend Reem @I Read and Tell 's blog the other day and thought, you know what? I'd love to play a bookish 'Would You Rather' so here goes my answers. Check out the link above to see her original post - oh and follow her while you're at it, because the girl is pure genius, she has her dark moments, but she cracks me up!

1.Would you rather choose a very well written book (I'm talking words of gold here), with a very dull plot, OR, a very interesting plot written in a way that threatens to make your eyes bleed?

My answer: Man, both would be my idea of hell, but if I really had to choose, I'd go for a very interesting plot written in a way that threatens to make my eyes bleed. I mean, I'll have to read it to the end and one day the writing would be a distant memory but the idea would stick. 

2.Would you rather meet your favorite author while making a complete fool out of yourself, or have your most hated book character be your roommate?

My answer: This one is a bit easier, I think I'd like to meet my favourite author whilst making a complete fool out of myself. Normally that's day to day life for me, making a fool out of myself. So I wouldn't exactly be faking it with the author, she'd see the real - embarrassing- me. Plus, I'd get to meet the pure genius behind the words.

3. Would you rather be Katniss Everdeeen, and get thrown into THG, with no guarantee you'll win, or be Harry Potter, and get thrown into the Triwizard Tournament, with again no guarantee of winning?

My answer: No question here: Harry Potter. I'm not a big fan of the Hunger Games *runs and hides*. Not to mention the chances of surviving the Triwizard Tournament -albeit not winning- are highly more probable. Yeah, I'd like to stay alive thank you very much.

4. Would you rather have a pet dragon that accidentally sets things on fire, or a pet parrot that tells people what you really think of them?

My answer: Dragon. I have a cat who ruins almost everything she sees, I'm used to living with damaged goods. Plus, dragons are fantastic creatures, I've wanted one since I was a wee bit young. So yes, Dragons. Duh.

5. Would you rather be the super villain in a story, and get to survive, or the superhero and die midway?

My answer: I'm usually the good guy. By that I mean the follow-the-rules-no-matter-the-consequences kind of person. I think it's kind of dull, it would be fun to be the bad guy. I'd like to inflict some damage on the world.

So yes, these are my choices for now. I'll be doing more with Reem so I think I can make it a weekly thing. Let me know what you would do in the comments below, or let Reem know on her blog. You can also make your own blog post, I'd love to see it!


  1. YES! I got you over to the badside. Welcome to villainy, my friend :D
    And yes for Dragons (they're the most awesome thing ever), and the Harry Potter. Plus, if I choose Harry Potter, I'll be close to Draco Malfoy (aka, my dream guy)

    Scared yet? ;D