Saturday, December 21, 2013

Provoke the Darkness: Cover Reveal

This cover reveal is pretty cool for me because it's for my friend Chris's new book so here goes!

Provoke the Darkness
Cover Reveal

It's his graduating year and everything has gone to shit, pardon my language, but if you knew what he's about to go through this year, you'd understand. It's never just one thing, but a collection of things that bring a person to their breaking point and he may have just hit his.
His name is Ethan Cameron, and with an unexpected phone call from his mother, his life has changed drastically. More than I ever thought possible. He wanted a simple life. One that would have him working nine to five job that he enjoyed, with a wife and two and a half children. He must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because it doesn't look like that is the future that the 'higher ups' have for him now.
Maybe I'm the one who turned his life around, maybe it was the feelings that I have towards him that changed his fate. Could it be my fault that his life is ending?
I've always admired comic book characters, the ones that would go off and save the world. The only problem is I think it will be me that they'll have to save the world from.
My grandmother tells me that I have is a gift, and that it should be embraced. She's also crazy, like legit hears voices in her head crazy. To me, this gift feels more like a curse. A burden. It's slowly driving me crazy.
I never thought life would be this complicated. I'm not quite sure where my loyalties lie anymore.
Is it about doing the right thing, or staying alive?

Author Bio

Christopher Thomas Chapman was born and raised in the small town of Westville, in the beautiful Canadian province known as Nova Scotia. Growing up, he had a very vivid imagination and wanted to be many things when he grew up, but the passion to be a writer was much greater. When he's not working late nights in a kitchen, he can be found working even later on the many stories that he has running through his head.
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