Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Boys Like You

Title: Boys Like You
Author: Juliana Stone
ISBN: 1402291477 
Book Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Release Date: May 6th 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Book Source: NetGalley

Goodreads Synopsis:
One mistake.
And everything changes.
For Monroe Blackwell, one small mistake has torn her family apart –leaving her empty and broken. There’s a hole in her heart that nothing can fill. That no one can fill. And a summer in Louisiana with her Grandma isn’t going to change that…
Nathan Everets knows heartache first-hand when a car accident leaves his best friend in a coma. And it’s his fault. He should be the one lying in the hospital. The one who will never play guitar again. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness, and a court-appointed job at the Blackwell B&B isn’t going to change that…
Captivating and hopeful, this achingly poignant novel brings together two lost souls struggling with grief and guilt – looking for acceptance, so they can find forgiveness.


I'm going to be honest here: I picked this book on a whim. I don't know what I was expecting when I got around to reading it, all I know is that this book was nothing like I thought it would be, and ten times better.

Monroe and Nathan have both made mistakes in their lives, and they're both pretty damaged because of them. Monroe's family will never be the same because of hers, and Trevor's family is breaking because of his. They both find each other one fateful summer and find themselves strangely wanting to share with the other their shortcomings. But would that be enough to help them heal?

Like I said, this book was so much more than just a contemporary novel with flawed characters. It was about a journey both of them have to take in order to accept themselves after the mistakes they've made. It's a journey full of heartache, pain, tears, blame, acceptance and just learning how to be alive again; how to move on. I am not sure why but I've recently started falling in love with those type of stories, even though I hate being that emotionally tangled in a story. I was in this case, and kept worrying someone would come in and see me crying and think I was weird or something, but the characters were so real and relatable and I could just ache alongside them.  It felt so painfully real and raw.

I think this is one of the author's first attempts at Young Adult contemporary and I hope it's not the last. I loved her style in writing and I can't wait to read more from her. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
"I used to think there was nothing. No one out there. No God." Her eyes squeezed shut. "Just nothing. But then I realized when you don't believe in anything anymore, what's the point of living? What's the point of…loving?"
I wasn't sure if I liked him or not. I mean, what kind of God lets shit like this happen to little boys? What kind of God lets someone like me get behind the wheel and destroy his best friend?"Shit," I muttered, wincing as a ray of light fell into the center of the maze again, hitting me in the face like a big FU.I guess it was his way of telling me that He didn't let any of us do anything. If we screwed up, it was on us. We had to own it. We could think. We could do.It was up to us to make the right choices, but maybe it was up to Him to help with the fallout.Maybe it was Him who had sent Monroe to me.
 There are things in this world that will never surprise you.Things that are absolute. The sun rises each morning and sets in the evening. No surprises there.The four seasons fall, one after the other. Again, no surprise.I've learned in my sixteen and  a half years that there are things that will surprise you because you don't see them coming. They can be hard, painful things, and it's those one that will live with you forever, bound to your soul in layers that grow thicker each year. Hopefully those layers will eventually dull the pain.There can also be awesome surprises. Again, ones you don't see coming, but when they find you, you wonder how you ever lived without them.
I've learned a lot since that summer. I've learned that tragedy can strike when you least expect it. That life can disappear. But I've also learned that life goes on. The world still turns. and every morning, the sun still rises. I learned that while pain and regret can burrow beneath your skin like a parasite, there is always hope.We just have to be patient and lucky enough to find it. Or if you're like me, it finds you. 

I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I did!
Rating: 5/5! 


  1. Well, Aliaa, this is the first time I read a review of this book
    But it sounds amazing
    I love the cover, too
    GREAT review
    Your reader

    1. Thank you! I loved the cover as well and hope you can get a chance to read it yourself :)