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Making Headlines Tour Stop: Playlist

Author: Erin Brown
ISBN13: 9781311969125
Book Genre: New Adult Contemporary 
Release Date: October 7th 2014
Book Source: Inkslinger PR

Goodreads Synopsis:
When a one-night stand turns into an online photo scandal, Sophie Tucker and Luke McGraw become campus celebrities overnight for all the wrong reasons.
Sophie Tucker can’t wait to start her freshman year of college—she has a full scholarship to her dream school and her sights set on landing a coveted staff writer position on the college newspaper. But when a scandalous photo from a one night stand she barely remembers is posted on The Score List, a new tabloid-style gossip site the campus is buzzing about, Sophie realizes her freshman year isn’t going to be what she imagined. As more photos are posted, Sophie decides to use her journalistic prowess to take down the anonymous person behind the site.
Luke McGraw is that guy—the vice president of his fraternity, the online editor of the school newspaper, and the one every girl wants to date. When a photo of Sophie, the girl he hooked up with the night before classes started and can’t get out of his head, shows up on The Score List, he knows that he has to find out who is behind the site—both to avenge Sophie, and to save the reputation of his fraternity. 
When Sophie and Luke realize they’re both investigating, they decide to team up. But focusing on the investigation instead of each other proves difficult, especially when neither of them are sure the other can be trusted. 


The first thing I need to say here is that if you haven't read Taking Flight yet and intend to, you probably shouldn't read this book first, there are a lot of spoilers to book one, which kind of sucks because now I'm not sure if I can go back and read book one, but it definitely sounded interesting here so I'd personally recommend you'd read it first!

Now, this book is about Sophie, who starts her college life with a bang. Like most college girls, she goes to a party, meets a guy, has a wild night that she wants to forget all about, only someone won't let her. Someone has turned her into the campus slut and she's determined to know who. Luke, the one night stand in question, can't get Sophie out of his mind, and even though he knows she doesn't want more, he decides he wants to help her because not only does this make his fraternity look bad, the site is ruining a lot of girls in the process and it doesn't hurt his natural journalistic instincts. Both being wannabe journalists find themselves teaming up to find the crook and pay, yet they don't necessarily trust each other in the process. Sophie has had many failed relationships in the past due to her fixation on her job and passiveness with her boyfriends. Will she ruin yet another potential thing by doing the same thing she did back in school?

As you guys know I'm a huge fan of New Adult, so this book was right up my alley! Not to mention, it reminded me so much of Veronica Mars (a show I'm very in love with) which really only made me love it some more. The book was such a fun read, from the investigating journalist aspects, to the cute romance, and the mystery thing going on in the background. I absolutely adored Luke and found Sophie annoying at times, but the great thing about the dual point of views is that you get to see both sides and follow through with them as their journey advances.

Rating: 3.5/5.

I really love when there's a playlist that comes along with a book since it helps you get in the mood of the story. So here goes today's tour stop's main event, the book PLAYLIST:

  • Lookin’ for a Good Time—Lady Antebellum
  • Girl In A Country Song—Maddie & Tae
  • Bang Bang—Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj
  • Raised On It—Sam Hunt
  • Treacherous—Taylor Swift
  • A Little More You—Little Big Town
  • Love Lockdown—Pentatonix
  • Beast of Burden—Rolling Stones
  • You Never Need Nobody—The Lone Bellow
  • Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me—Hunter Hayes & Jason Mraz
  • Brave—Sara Bareilles
  • Closer—Nine Inch Nails
  • The Game Has Changed—Daft Punk
  • The Lion The Beast The Beat—Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
  • Roar—Katy Perry
  • Fearless—Taylor Swift
  • My Eyes—Blake Shelton, ft. Gwen Sebastian 

Erin Brown Author PhotoAbout Erin Brown:

Erin Brown is a writer, Whedonite, Whovian, yogi, HGTV addict, and connoisseur of The CW’s TV line-up. She was born and raised in Arkansas, lived in New York City for five years, and recently moved to Singapore, where she lives on the beach, which is completely wasted on her because she is a ginger and the sun is not her friend. She is the author of Taking Flight and Making Headlines: A Taking Flight Novel. 

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