Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blog / Channel Revamp

Hello everyone! I have been blogging very sporadically here and I am honestly not happy with that. I want to fix up my blog, add new content, join more blog hop events I used to enjoy among other things. My internet presence has been very stale lately and I'm very unhappy with that. So I decided I am going to work on improving both my Youtube channel's content as well as my blog's contents. I want to have more regular posts, more fun content and more of a presence really to get in touch with some of my blogging/vlogging friends and followers.

Here's my Youtube declaration:

And I honestly thought the best way to start off my revamp on both my channel as well as my blog is with a bookshelf tour, so this is my latest bookshelf tour, I hope this year I do a better job keeping in touch with me online book loving friends!

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