Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Haul - September 2016

I keep meaning to update this blog with something impressive because I'd had every intention of doing so more regularly but everything kept feeling short. I'd like to apologize and just update it. I am not sure whether to use Showcase Sunday anymore or what Book Haul memes are going on, so I'm just settling for a book haul. Here's what I've been up to this month!

I've seen all over the internet some incredible subscription boxes and yes I have the worst kind of envy since shipping and taxes will be a nightmare to get here, so I'm wallowing in misery with regards to that. However, I recently found two subscription boxes that will be starting up in Egypt and I'm kind of excited about about them. Though I don't know if they'll be of the same quality as things I've seen online of OwlCrate and Fairyloot etc... 

This is the first box (the other one hasn't arrived yet - a point deduction for lack of promptness for both really since this was meant to arrive in August.)

It's called BookBerries: Instagram
I'm not so fond of the design on the items in general, but I do like that they're trying. Hopefully they'll grow and their skills will improve.

I also obviously hit my favourite bookstore: Cherry Blossom Books 
(Also I've been working on improving my instagram account. Check it out and let me know what you think!)
I bought:

Also, I've discovered "The Reading Bee's Shop" also another book merchandise online store here in Egypt (and let's say I'm more happy with it than the rest). I got this awesome mug with one of my favourite quotes from The Infernal Devices series. I think I like it too much to actually use it.

I also bought these beautifully designed bookmarks!