Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 2017: TBR Pile

I've actually been rather remiss with my book reviewing, and I feel really bad about that. Which is why, I'm working very hard on bringing down my Review TBR Pile, not just my normal TBR Pile (which also happens to be insane).  Some are actually a bit old and have been on my pile for a long time, so I will try to mix it up by reviewing both recent releases as well as old ones. Le'ts pray I can manage that!

Here are the top ten books I'm hoping to read and review this month:

If I miraculously manage to go through with all of that, I can review much older books, or just read some other books for fun, or even finish books I started a while back but never finished. In any case, that's my plan for the month, wish me luck!