Contact Me & Review Policy

I am very friendly, and promise I don't bite! No really, no matter how tempting it gets I can manage to NOT bite.
Furthermore, if you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, you can e-mail me at: You can also find me on goodreads and twitter. I am almost always on Tumblr too. If you're interested in learning Arabic you can try Aliendoodles .

Also, I think I might be accepting books for review soon.
 I am quite partial to:

- YA
- Historical Romance (Regency)
- Paranormal
- Mystery/Crime

Though I guess in general I am ok with anything, as long as it isn't:

- Autobiographical

You can just e-mail me and I'll hopefully get back to you as soon as I can!



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  4. Aliaa, thanks for the welcome. I really like your blog! I have a new ebook that was just released on October 8th by Crimson Romance and I'm looking for reviewers and opportunities to interview. Would you be interested? It's a historical romance/western set in 1880. The reviews have been good so far! (fingers crossed!)

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